Aquatic Jetpacks 2017 New Year Resolution

As we head into 2017, many of you will be trying to stick your New Year’s resolutions which were hastily made after a few too many tequila’s and games of Pie Face on New Year’s Eve.

So why do we make New Year’s Resolutions in the first place? Well for the majority it is to try and change their lifestyle for the positive and a New Year happens to be a perfect time to make a start. Whilst the number one resolution on most people’s list is to lose weight and get fit, fortunately for the Aquatic Jetpacks staff our instructing jobs on the water keep us fairly active, although we are the first to admit we can add an inch or two to our waistlines through the winter months but this is quickly burnt off when the Jetskis and Jetpacks are back on the water in March.

So what’s our 2017 New Year Resolution? As our sister company Jetski Safaris enters it’s tenth Season and our fourth Season of Flyboarding we have decided to start a regular blog in which we will hope to share our experience and passion about the watersports and marine industry.

In this day and age that doesn’t sound like a lot but somehow it always gets put to the bottom of our jobs list, so for 2017 we want to make a change. We will look to share our knowledge and stories from 10 years in the Marine Industry and one of the first UK Flyboard companies in order to hopefully construct some interesting articles, photos and videos. These will range from Kit reviews including any new Zapata Racing or Aquatic Jetpack products Launched for the 2017 season, useful Flyboard Training Videos and tips for Superyacht Crew who are in charge of this equipment onboard, the wide variety of watersports on offer in Bournemouth and Poole, plus much more.

So whilst we can’t help you with your resolution to lose weight (unless you read our top 5 watersports to keep you fit feature in May) we hope you will stick with us and enjoy some of the upcoming features (as long as we can stick to our own resolution that is!!).