Flyboard Television Project with Sky 1’s Russell Howard Hour

In May 2019 Aquatic Jetpack’s Coordinated a Flyboard TV Project with the two comedians Russell Howard and Jon Richardson. The project involved teaching the two comedians to Flyboard, provide jet ski rescue cover and the provision of 2 support vessels as camera boats. The production company involved with the project was Avalon UK who were a great team to work alongside.

Working alongside Russell Howard and Jon Richardson for a Flyboard TV Project  

As with all bespoke marine TV projects a lot of planning and prior work was undertaken to make sure the time with the celebrities went as smoothly as possible and Avalon had a good standard of material to work with.

In preparation for the project Aquatic Jetpacks provided all the important health and safety information to be approved onto the accredit contractor’s list of the 1st Option Safety Group. Once this had been signed off and Avalon were happy that their clients were in safe hand we then set about coordinating how the project ran.

As a team that have worked on several marine based tv and film projects we were all to aware that Celebrities often have a very packed schedule and can only allocate a certain amount of time (sometime only several hours) and a very specific date to get a film project completed. Therefore in a marine environment whilst we can control several elements there are several other elements which are beyond our control, the main one being weather. It was therefore important to offer several different locations for filming to allow for a range of conditions on the day and also a couple of different activities.

Jetski Safaris provided Boat and skippers for Film crew and support services 

Aquatic Jetpacks also used their sister company Jetski Safaris for the provision of 2 boats for the film crew to work from. The MCA coded boats and professional skippers gave the two film crews a perfect platform to get a range of shots as well as allowing Russell and Jon to interact between their Flyboard sessions up close and personal with the cameras.

UAV Insight Ltd a Poole based drone company who specialise in operating drone from boats and over water was used to provide some of the aerial shots in the edit.

Both Russell and Jon seem to really enjoy their time on the Flyboard and it made for a great ‘Play Date’ VT on the Russell Howard Hour which was aired on Sky 1 on the 14th November 2019. The full vt can be seen via the YouTube link below.

Aquatic Jetpacks and Jetski Safaris have worked on some other great film and TV projects this season which at this point we can’t disclose at this point in time but keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels and all will be revelled in due course.