The Coral Grand Splashional – A Project coordinated by Aquatic Jetpacks

Photo credit : Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

The Coral Grand Splashional

In December 2016 Aquatic Jetpacks were commissioned by Z-PR to produce a Flyboard Stunt for Coral’s 2017 ‘I love Grand National’ Campaign

The idea for the stunt was on the back of the Jetski Grand National which was produced in 2013 for Coral’s ‘How do you pick yours?’ campaign. Click Here to see the video on youtube.

Working alongside Z-PR, during several months of planning, site visits and meetings, The Aquatic Jetpacks team were able to overcome the challenges associated with this type of project and achieve a fantastic result for the client.

Location :

In terms of location whilst the client was initially keen to try and film the project on the River Mersey in a similar style to the previous Jetski Grand National, safety concerns and suitability for operating a flyboard in such strong tidal waters meant that an alternate location had to be sourced. The Aquatic Jetpacks team hit the jackpot by discovering the Liverpool Watersports Centre which was based in Queens Dock. This meant that the client would still have the famous Liverpool Skyline in the back drop and Aquatic Jetpacks could create a safe operating environment for multiple Flyboarders.

Costumes and Props :

Once a location had been organised it was now down to get the Horses Heads and costumes made. Unlike the Jetski project these props and costumes would need to be made robustly enough to withstand the strong forces involved whilst Flyboarding. At first it was in doubt whether a Horses Head could be made to withstand the impact of a high dolphin dive on a Flyboard, but Amalgam Models came up with a solution and the first prototype was tested on a cold February day on the South Coast, to our delight the horses head survived in one piece after some vigorous testing and went on to last through the day of filming. The Jockey Silks were custom made out of neoprene and had a striking look on camera.



Film Crew and Story Board :

The Aquatic Jetpacks team have worked on serveral Film and TV projects over the last 5 years and are acutely aware of the demands of getting the perfect shot and working in harmony with a Director’s vision. Therefore with careful prior planning between the Film crew and Flyboarders it was know in advance what and wasn’t achievable to avoid any tension on the day. It was also essential to work out a suitable date to co-ordinate the stunt to allow the editors to quickly turn around the footage to produce the edit prior to the big day.


Monday 3rd April – The Day of Filming :

With all the kit launched and setup on the Sunday afternoon the team were ready to roll straight into the action after an early morning briefing. Before hitting the water though there were the all important outfits to put on and out the water shots to capture from both the Photographer and the camera crew. Once the team had felt like A-listers for an hour it was time to hit the water and get the all important water shots.

Despite a long day of filming, through great communication by all parties involved and high energy levels from the Flyboarders themselves a fantastic buzz went round the team and the feeling that some great footage had been captured ready for the editing suite.


Photo credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Results :

The aim of the project was to raise brand awareness for Coral and there involvement with The Grand National.

The photos taken of the stunt were covered in a large number of the National Newspapers including The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Mirror, and one was also mentioned on ITV’s Prime Time TV show at 10. – The Nightly Show.

The Video had over 55,000 views on Coral’s Facebook page during the course of 2 days.

If you have any bespoke TV / Film Projects looking to incorporate Flyboarding, Jetskiing or Powerboating then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with out team who will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy the final video below :

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